Library : There is a common library for all the students. The total number of books in the library are whopping  with the number increasing in each passing year. The library has sections ranging from textbooks and reference books to fiction and general knowledge. Separate sections for hobby related books, religion-based, Animal care, short stories, Drama, Poetry, etc.

Laboratories :

•    Science lab :
There is a specialized biology, chemistry and physics lab as they are designed to take care of the needs of the students for the Board Exams. Experiments in these labs are explained to and done by the students, with care given to intricate detail of each of them so that they can retain the knowledge for future times.

•    Mathematics lab :
The School have a Mathematics lab which helps in delving into the greater mysteries of intriguing and essential subject, learning advanced mathematical concepts with the help of Abacus, different Scales for Measurement, Table Chart, Compass, Money, etc.

•    Computer lab :
We have three computer labs accessible to students during school hours with advanced infrastructure to cater to the requirements of the curriculum. These labs consists of 65 computers with internet connections.

•    Music LAB : Following our ideology of promoting extra-curricular activities along with curriculum, we have a well equipped music room for the students to enhance their personality. Both vocal and instrumental music are taught to the students. An array of musical instruments like table, sitar, harmonium, Keyboard, etc available in the room.

•    Activity room : Simple décor and colorful furniture adorn the class rooms. In the activity room children play and participate in different activities. Children keep themselves busy and occupied either watching T.V. and video or playing with stuffed toys. The Philosophy on which the students are taught the lessons is – learning by doing.

•    Sports facilities :
Akal family strongly believes that “ A healthy body is the key to a healthy mind.” We have 4 open fields, Badminton Court, Basket Ball Court, Kho - Kho ground, Volley Ball grounds – separate for Boys and Girls. All this provide excellent training grounds for budding sportsmen.

The sports facilities at akal group of Institutes encompass :

     Basket Ball
     Volley Ball
     Kho – Kho
     Table Tennis
     Tug of war

•    Transport facility : Akal Institutes, with a strength of approximately 2000 students and 100 staff members, requires most efficient transport facility. We have 21 buses ferrying students and faculty members from different parts of Sultanpur Lodhi to the school and vice – versa. We also hold the responsibility of arranging vehicle for visitors for recreational activities like school picnics and to send students to participate in various inter-school activities.

•    Book store & uniform shop : For the convenience of the students the schools have in – house shops i.e. a book shop and a uniform shop. The bookshop contain essential stationary items as well as curriculum books for all classes and uniform shop provides school uniform.

•    Canteen : We have 2 canteens to cater to the needs of schools and ITI respectively. These canteens serve a variety of items such as patties, ice-creams, samosas, aerated drinks, etc in a hygienic atmosphere and can be accessed only during the recess timings.

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